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Mozart Essay - 920 Words

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is one of the greatest music composers who ever lived. His name and the word genius are often bandied about together by music writers and critics and many would argue rightly so. Mozart had a fantastic ear for writing a catchy tune with perfect orchestral arrangement. His compositions have a rich and distinctive sound; it can be said that in his brief lifetime (only 35 years) that he wrote a masterpiece in every genre of classical music without much apparent effort. Original and completed music poured out of his mind and his music scores showed little correction. His wife, Constanze, said that he wrote out the overture of his opera Don Giovanni on the day of its premià ¨re. Mozart was born on 27 January, 1756, and†¦show more content†¦The next ten years of Mozarts life are perhaps without parallel in history as the greatest decade of creative genius. In 1782, Mozart married Constanze Weber. He settled down with his new wife in Vienna, and made money teaching, composing and giving public performances of his new work. While in Vienna, Mozart made the acquaintance of composer Franz Joseph Haydn. The two became close friends and the older composers music had a profound influence on Mozart. Between 1782 and 1785, Mozart composed a series of six string quartets which he dedicated to Haydn. From 1784, Mozart took advantage of playing the Lenten Season concerts, from which he could make the public more aware of his new work. Although his financial problems were very apparent, the Vienna Court Composer Antonio Salieri, who was more popular than Mozart in his day, schemed against Mozart by stopping him from getting a coveted court position. In 1785, Mozart started work on his new opera The Marriage of Figaro with Lorenzo da Ponte providing the words. It was first performed 1786, after it was delayed by Salieri. Just before Mozart finished his new opera, Don Giovanni (1787) his father Leopold died. The opera went ahead and was a big success in Prague, where it was premiered. Unfortunately, it went down less well in Vienna, where Mozart was beginning to become less fashionable among the fickle Vienna public. Mozart was especially productive in his last four years, churning outShow MoreRelatedThe Mozart Effect Essay1461 Words   |  6 Pagesâ€Å"Mozart effect† is a believe that listening to music could enhance individuals’ intelligence, and therefore lead to better performance in various spheres, such as languages and arithmetics. There are researches pointed out that listening to music while tasks performance would result in significant boost of scores. The effect of listening to Mozart’s music on spatial seasoning was looked over in 1933 by Dr. Rauscher, three common tests about abstract spatial reasoning were given to the participantsRead MoreSummary : Mozart 1016 Words   |  5 PagesJohannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart Lydia Molina Mr. Dresser General Music 27 May, 2015 Mozart Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart, known for his string of operas, concertos, symphonies and sonatas, he helped shape classical music as it is today. â€Å"Born on January 27, 1756, in Salzburg, Austria, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a musician capable of playing many instruments at age six. Over the years, Mozart aligned himself with a variety of EuropeanRead More The Mozart Effect Essay1215 Words   |  5 PagesThe Mozart Effect Ever since human intelligence has been a factor for survival, people have been trying to think of new, innovative ways to increase their mental capabilities. In the past, people have taken pills, prepared home-made concoctions, and have even shaven their heads to clear their minds. Even now, new ideas, such as magnetic mattresses for better blood circulation to the brain, are patented and sold promising mental wellness and stability – and making money for the inventor. WhenRead More Mozart Essay1525 Words   |  7 Pages Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart This paper discusses Mozarts life, his compositions and his importance to the world and the world of music. It explains how Mozarts music is still some of the most popular classical music played today and his life is still studied because his music is so well known and liked. An Austrian composer and performer who showed astonishing precocity as a child and was an adult virtuoso, musical genius Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born to Leopold Mozart and Anna Maria PertlRead More Mozart Essay663 Words   |  3 Pages MOZART nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Mozart is perhaps the greatest musical genius who ever lived. Mozart s full name is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Most people called him Mozart or Wolfgang. Mozart was born in Salzburg, Austria, January 27, 1756. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Mozart is the greatest musical child prodigy who ever lived. He began composing minuets at the age of 5 and symphonies at age 9. His father took him on a series of concert tours together with his sister, Maria Anna;Read MoreThe Mozart Effect and Infant Intelligence1408 Words   |  6 PagesIn modern society intelligence is highly competitive and subject to scrutiny; therefore, it is understandable that a child’s intelligence is a primary concern for many parents. The Mozart effect, popularised in the 1990s, resulted in many parents believing that simply exposing their child to music composed by Mozart would improve their intelligence (Campbell, 1997). The claim was founded by research published in the journal Nature, which suggested that spatial reasoning could be temporarily enhancedRead MoreThe Mozart Effect Essay931 Words   |  4 PagesIt has long been believed that music can evoke specific thoughts and feelings from the listener. But can music –specifically the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart- summon hidden intelligences within the human brain? That is the question scientists are trying to answer. In the mid-nineties, scie ntists, Frances Rauscher, Gordon Shaw and Katherine Ky, claimed that music could boost the listener’s intelligence up to 9 points (Steele 2). To many, this allegation seemed a bit far-fetched and soon otherRead MoreEssay On Mozart Effect1061 Words   |  5 PagesThe Mozart Effect, broadly stated, is the idea that music can help with many other aspects of a student’s education. Its research started decades ago and is still highly debated today, with some condition to the findings. However, in Bob Duke’s article, he explains why it doesn’t matter whether of not it helps tests scores. He believes we should not be using this as an excuse for keeping music programs because there are countless better reasons. Duke’s article highly reinforced why I personally believeRead MoreThe Works Of Haydn And Mozart940 Words   |  4 PagesHaydn and Mozart are often recognised as the two composers who were responsible for bringing Viennese Classicism to its greates t height. In the public eye, these two great composers could not be more different, whether it is in terms of their characters or values. This essay sets out to explore the similarities and differences in the early lives of these two gifted individuals, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and (Franz) Joseph Haydn, through their backgrounds and music education. Mozart, who was bornRead More The Mozart Effect Essay1250 Words   |  5 PagesThe Mozart Effect is a study that shows listening to classical music can have positive effects on learning and attitude. This occurrence is called the Mozart Effect, and it has been proven in experiments by many scientists. This research has caused much controversy between believers and nonbelievers, because The Mozart Effect is said to enhance the brain and reasoning; it is also used to reduce stress, depression, or anxiety; it induces relaxation or sleep; and the Mozart Effect activates the body

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